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I have a simple golf app, and for each player I have :total_score and :current_place attributes. I want Rails to define the :current_place attribute of each player based on whether that player's :total_score is higher or lower than the other players.

In other words, if there are two players, and one has a :total_score => 5and the other has :total_score => 4 I'd like Rails to make the first player's :current_place => 1, and the other player's :current_place => 2, and so on. I basically want it to define the :current_place values based on the descending of the :total_score column.

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Also might want to try gem rankitize –  dbenhur Jul 11 '12 at 0:23
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You could achieve that with an observer that when a player is saved launches and sql query and then updates the attribute(using update_attribute so it doesn't trigger callbacks). But that would be a not very performant solution and could have race condition problems too.

Another solution would be to have this same query materialized in some place and make the current_place function of the model access the results. This could be easily cacheable too


class Player < ActiveRecord::Base
  def current_place
    self.class.current_place(self.id) if self.id

  def self.all_places
    rank = {}
    pos = 0
    self.order_by('total_score desc').each{|p| rank[p.id] = (pos += 1)}

  def self.current_place(id)

I didn't test it but I guess that something like this should work. To achive the cached part you only need to wrap all_places in a Rails.cache.fetch block and expire it every time a player total score is updated

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