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For three days now I'm trying to add OpenID authentication to my Rails application.

I've read many tutorials regarding this topic and it seems that eventually I'll get it working.

The problem is that all pieces of information I needed so far and most likely also the ones I will be needing are scattered across the web.

No tutorial had everything I needed, some were for Rails < 2.0, others didn't mention implicit prerequisites of the plugins and overall it's been really hard and I still don't get it working.

Is there a good tutorial about this topic which covers all of the steps required to use restful_authentication with OpenID on Rails 2.3?

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Switch to Authlogic (i did it yesterday) -

its much better (btw it includes a auto-migration for restful_authentication users)



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did that help you? –  Lichtamberg Jul 27 '09 at 12:27
Yes, sorry I forgot. Authlogic was really a problem solver, although I'm struggling with testing. –  Daniel Rikowski Aug 23 '09 at 17:39

You can use another solution like openid wrapper, check http://rpxnow.com, it is easy to implement just use grosser rpx_now git, and voila you got openid, google, yahoo, etc....

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