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I would like to take the HTTP URL streaming video from my app to other app which is streaming player and play the streaming and when I come out from that another app it should directly back to my app.

thanks in advance

Best rgds singha

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You can just start an activity of that streaming app and pass a bundle to that activity with all required information about streaming, like HTTP URL

Here is the syntax you have to use to start that activity.

Intent intent = new Intent();
intent.setComponent(new ComponentName("com.example", "com.example.MyExampleActivity"));

Hope this helps.

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Try something like...

Intent i = new Intent();
Uri uri = Uri.parse("http://server.yourcompany.com:1234/video.3gp";
i.setDataAndType(uri, "video/*");
try {
} catch (ActivityNotFoundException e) {
    // Handle exception
} catch (Exception e) {
    Handle exception

The above code will attempt to start the default video player app on the device. The user will have to press the Back button after the video finishes to get back to your app though.

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I have an youtube rtsp url, same i am trying to play like you playing for http, but it's not working..have any idea/suggestion? –  Shubh Sep 28 '12 at 7:29

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