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There are lots of APIs when it comes to Microsoft OCS 2007. Anyone knows what is the API behind an application like Live Meeting? UCMA 2.0?

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Live meeting doesn't use UCMA 2.0 - it has it's own APIs (two of them, in fact) - see here for an overview, and here for the reference documentation for the service API (the main API for interacting with LiveMeeting)

You're right - there are a crazy amount of APIs for OCS development - see here for an overview of each.

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It must be using one of the OCS APIs. The two APIs you mentioned is for Live Meeting Hosted service. Live Meeting also runs on an internal OCS installation, so it must be using at least one of the APIs. –  yang Jul 17 '09 at 14:15
If you're talking about the livemeeting console app i.e. the one that gets installed on your desktop, then it will be probably be using one of the client-side APIs, as opposed to UCMA 2.0. It may even build directly on top of the real-time media stack (RTMPLTFM.dll) –  Paul Nearney Jul 20 '09 at 9:55

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