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I am currently using apache file upload to upload around 10 Images per form and this solution seems to be working perfecly for me in case if I pull all the values of the form in the single servlet.

Now I was thinking of making a seperate class for file upload and then resuse it across other forms.I have close to 25 form fields and out of these 10 are file input fields.Can someone suggest me some better way of doing this.One of the options I was thinking of breaking the existing form in 2 parts one with plain form and pull the values via request.getparameter and then image upload form with multipart enc.I store the images in the file drive and then add image name to the DB.Currently I have a single table for 25 fields and breaking up the form might break my table structure as well.Being new to all these things, I am running short of any ideas.Can someone help me here.

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Can someone reply to this or is my question incorrect –  Kiran Badi Jul 11 '12 at 15:26
I must admit this is not clear to me. You are mixing DB, file upload, forms, ... As we don't know the context, it is quite hard to help you. BTW, uploading a lot of file in the same request can lead to request timeout. Something you could investigate is to use AJAX to upload all files in a different request. HIH. M. –  ZNK - M Jul 19 '12 at 20:15
Yup I know I am mixing 3 different things,but again these 3 things are needed for the functionality.I need to insert file names to the DB, store it in the database.For uploading files I use Apache file upload,and all these happens via form with file input type element.Any ways Thanks ZNK,though I did not create the seperate class for this, I will on this sometimes later. –  Kiran Badi Jul 23 '12 at 19:49

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