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How to highlight result query with fuzzyLikeThisFieldQuery in elasticsearch? I can pick up on fuzzyQuery but not fuzzyLikeThisFieldQuery. For example, in the code below i used fuzzyQuery:

QueryBuilder allquery = QueryBuilders.fuzzyQuery("name", "fooobar").minSimilarity(0.4f);

SearchRequestBuilder builder = ds.getElasticClient()

    SearchResponse sr = builder.execute().actionGet();

the result is

If you want to have a <em>foobar</em> for oracle

But if i use fuzzyLikeThisFieldQuery, didn't highlight

QueryBuilder allquery = QueryBuilders.fuzzyLikeThisFieldQuery("name").likeText("fooobar").minSimilarity(0.4f);

the result is

If you want to have a foobar for oracle

Anyone know why?

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You need to call these two functions to set the highlighter tags..

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I need to highlight the keyword and use the method I've written below works fine for me:

 _searchResponse = searchRequest.execute().actionGet();

I use Gson to parse response string as a json object and cast to my entity like below:

root = new JsonParser().parse(_searchResponse.toString());

You will get such a response like this:

    content: {
results: [
_index: "news",
_type: "news",
_id: "111",
_score: 0.6056677,
_source: {
id: "1349298458",
title: "Title text",
text: "Detail text"
highlight: {
text: [
" some text <em>keyword</em> some text <em>keyword</em>- some text <em>keyword</em> some text."

Wish you to get how it works and try it yourself.

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