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First of all i want to tell i am new to hibernate.

i have gone through tutorials such as one-one mapping,one-many mapping etc. but still i have query as,

i have 3 tables as:

Users                            Dealfollows                         Deal
=========                        ============                        ============     
userid(PK)                       dealid(FK)                          dealid(PK) 
firstname                        userid(FK)                          name
lastname                                                             description
..                                                                   ..

So i am having problem is that when i make dealid & userid as PK along with FK in dealfollows table hibernate code generation tool does not generate pojo class & hbm file for dealfollows So i want to save/update each of this entity separately Users - save/update individually Deal- save/update individually Dealfollows - when user selects a particular deal then & then only i want to save/update it here

Help me for this. Thanks in advance.

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Dealfollows is a simple link table. hibernate allows you to not have to declare an entity for this but rather a manytomany and handles the crud itself. eg these classes are enough

class User
    Set<Deal> deals;

class Deal
    Set<User> users;
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