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i've been using the D3DX11CompileFromFile function to compile and create ID3D11VertexShader * and ID3D11PixelShader * from the blob pointer after, like so:

ID3D10Blob * vertexShaderBuffer;
ID3D10Blob * errorMessage;

if(FAILED(D3DX11CompileFromFile(vsFilename.c_str(), NULL, NULL, "LightVertexShader", "vs_5_0", D3D10_SHADER_ENABLE_STRICTNESS, 0, NULL, &vertexShaderBuffer, &errorMessage, NULL)))
    return false;

if(FAILED(device->CreateVertexShader(vertexShaderBuffer->GetBufferPointer(), vertexShaderBuffer->GetBufferSize(), NULL, &m_vertexShader)))
    return false;

where vsFilename is a valid std::string and m_vertexShader is an ID3D11ShaderVertex *. i'm curious what the fourth parameter is for? Where is it used, when would i use it, what does it do? does it matter what it is? I ask, because with where i call it in my code, i don't want the user to have to specify it if it has no other purpose than being unique.

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It's a name of your vertex shader function in file

For example, if you have same code in shader file



    PS_INPUT output = (PS_INPUT) 0;

With function call like D3DX11CompileFromFile(shaderFileName.c_str(), nullptr, nullptr, "VS", ...); you explain to DirectX which function from shader file starts work with vertex shader

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OHHH, i see now. And crap. That kinda breaks the way i was setting up my shader interface. gonna have to change some things. Thanks man! –  FatalCatharsis Jul 11 '12 at 4:27

Did you check the documentation on MSDN? The reference for the D3DX11CompileFromFile function says this about the pFunctionName parameter:

Name of the shader-entry point function where shader execution begins. When you compile an effect, D3DX11CompileFromFile ignores pFunctionName; we recommend that you set pFunctionName to NULL because it is good programming practice to set a pointer parameter to NULL if the called function will not use it.

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yeh, read that. Since i'm not compiling an effect, only the first sentence applies here. What is a shader-entry point function, and why would i EVER need to know it for later use? –  FatalCatharsis Jul 11 '12 at 4:26

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