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I am trying to load a page using vbscript. Then i enter some dummy values in its input fields and try to submit it.

Here is the code for it:

    Dim ie
Set ie = WScript.CreateObject("InternetExplorer.Application")

ie.width = 900
ie.height = 600
ie.Visible = 1


'Home page of user is loaded.
'Now find the field containing mobile number and type message

    Dim nameField, messageField
    set nameField = ie.document.getElementById("MobileNos")'this line throws error
    nameField.value = "somebody"

    messageField = ie.document.getElementById("Message")
    messageField.value = "Hi"

    'Sending the message

But whenever I try to run this code doesn't post the comment, instead it just refreshes the page.

Thanks in advance.

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During the post of the form I should have written

This worked for me.

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