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I have the following table


**id, name**, timestamp, place, time

the id with the name form the PK

I want to store the result of the following query in the time column which is already exist but contain no data

SELECT "time"(timestamp) FROM user as time

so if I had for example the following data

id: 1, name: Ann, timestamp: "2002-08-30 08:24:00", Place:US time:

and if if result of the following query

 SELECT "time"(timestamp) FROM user

is 08:24:00

I would like to store that in the time column and I want to do that for all the users in the table

I tried the following

SELECT "time"(timestamp) FROM user as time

but it only displays the result as an output and I would like it to be stored

is there a way to do that ?


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Will both columns continue to exists or are you just migrating from a timestamp field to a time field? If you keep them both do they have to stay in sync or will the time field also sometimes have another value then the time part of the timestamp? – Eelke Jul 11 '12 at 4:54

If you just want to set the "time" of each row to the time-of-day of its "timestamp" then:

update "user" set time = timestamp::time;
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