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I have a start server script


It will run as background task startserver.sh & the script need to run for sometime until it can really run in running state. The running state could write into log file server.log when it is ready.

So I need to know when the server is really run by executing a bash cmd. If not, I need to wait until the Running state is shown in the server.log.

Can i achieve this in bash?

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Please see Process Management. –  Dennis Williamson Jul 11 '12 at 11:29

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try something like this

mkfifo my_fifo
tail -f server.log >my_fifo &
perl -ne '/pattern/&&exit' <my_fifo
kill $tail_pid
rm my_fifo

EDIT : perl command can be replaced with

grep -l 'pattern' <my_fifo >/dev/null

or if grep support this option

grep -q 'pattern' <my_fifo
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