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Could any body help me in design a program for the following algorithm to build a suffix tree of an xml file

Input: an XML tree P
Output: suffix tree P’
Program Construction_XML_Suff
  Create node p←T.root;
  Create node p’← T’.root;
  Create Link sufixLink, add p’ into sufixLink;
  Create Array a;/*store the Temporal Code of node*/
  While p <>null do
        Call Get_Next_Node;
        Call Add_p_to_T’;
  End While
End Program

Procedure Get_Next_Node
 If(p not exist child or all children of p have traveled)
    Call Set_SiffixLink;
 End If
 p=p.nextNode;/*in pretravel order ,if p have no next node, A=null*/
End Procedure

Procedure Set_SiffixLink
    While s<>null
       If s.father<>null
          s =s.father;
          Remove q from suffixLink;
       End If;
    End While
End Procedure

Procedure Add_p_to_T’
     s = siffixLink.head;
     While s<>null
        If s.sementicPath equals p. sementicPath
           Create node m;
           M.value = p.value;
           M. sementicPath = p. sementicPath;
           Add m as s’s child;
        End IF;
     End While
End Procedure

The pseudo code read the XML document and make a corresponding suffix tree using suffix links, the problem is I could not follows the loop to the procedure set_suffixlink

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I am sorry, but this is very unclear. I don't understand what exactly you mean by suffix tree in this case, or by making one from XML. A lot in the pseudo code above seems ill-defined; for example, initially you 'create the root node' of the XML tree, although the XML tree is supposed to be given as input. The code is full of orthographical errors and typos, too. – jogojapan Jul 11 '12 at 11:00
the algorithm want to read the XML tree and build corresponding suffix tree, the main problem is I could not understand the set_suffixlink where it goes back to father node. As said this is not my algorithm but I want to implement it in my experiments. Any suggestion in the implement of suffix tree using link list – ÚÒíÒ ÇáËÚÇáÈí Jul 13 '12 at 21:21
What do you mean by a suffix tree that corresponds to an XML tree? A suffix tree is made from a string, i.e. a sequence of characters, not from a tree. What you can do is, for example, to make a suffix tree of all the node label sequences for all paths from the XML root to any of the XML leaves, possibly combined with another suffix tree for the content of the text nodes. Since suffix trees can be compressed, this is a known technique for XML compression, e.g. DOI 10.1145/1135777.1135891 by Ferragina et al. – jogojapan Jul 14 '12 at 1:31
I mean as said, rather than a string of characters we have a sequence labels for tree paths, each time a leaf is encountered the suffix link is assigned to the parent node which is coded in the set_suffixlink pseud code. I want to know in the subroutine of set_suffix link how to program it in linked list implementation. – ÚÒíÒ ÇáËÚÇáÈí Jul 14 '12 at 12:04

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