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I have 2 buttons on a page and enable/disable of these buttons are done by evaluating a checkbox selection.

Currently the disabled button also changing the color when mouse is on them.

I want to control the .css button hover based on whether a button is disabled or enabled.

Do you know how to ensure that the colors shouldn’t change for disabled button when the mouse is on them?


<input class="submit-btn submit-right-margin" id="case-escalate" type="submit" value="Update & Escalate" data-caseId="@Model.CaseId"/>

<input class="submit-btn submit-right-margin" id="case-update" type="submit" value="Update" data-caseId="@Model.CaseId"/>


  color: #2474AD;
  background: #BFDDFF;

.js I manage (enable/disable) input submit buttons based on a checkbox selection from a .js file.

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You can use this to format disabled inputs:

input[disabled] {

and with input[disabled]:hover you can format the hover state.

But the [disabled] is still not working on a few browsers.


Never tested this before:
Maybe you can handle this with classes. Just add/remove a class when disabled/enabled with JavaScript.

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Does not seem to work with IE10. –  AH. Jun 19 '13 at 10:10

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