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How would I implement something where when I type


It'll create

 * |

Where the pipe == the cursor and as long as I keep making new lines of text and pressing enter it'll keep adding *<Space>s in.

And if I leave an empty line like:

 * Foo bar baz...
 * <Return>

It'll close it like

 * Foo bar baz...
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This behavior is dictated by set formatoptions, see :help fo-table for all the possible values for this option.

Verify your current setting with :set fo?. You want the letter r to be present. If it's not, execute :set fo+=r to add it.

Add set formatoptions+=r to your ~/.vimrc to make the change stick between sessions.

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Holy crap, didn't realize VIM had that built in. VIM has everything. –  Oscar Godson Jul 17 '12 at 15:11

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