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I want to insert a blank new row in DataGrid in Silverlight when I press Inser key. But, while doing this it gives me an error

"Object reference not set to an instance of an object".

I am using a table and a Observeable Collection named Bounddata.

I am checking the index of the row I have clicked, and then I want to insert a new blank row where user can enter the information. And the new data is stored back into the database.

I have written the code below:

if (e.Key == Key.Insert)        
    ATClientDependent r = new ATClientDependent() { DependentGUID = Guid.NewGuid() };
    int index = BoundData.IndexOf(dataGrid.SelectedItem as ATClientDependent);
    BoundData.Insert(index, r);
    dataGrid.SelectedIndex = index;
    proxy.AddObject("ATClientDependents", r);

Please help me out.

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Step through the code in the debugger to identify a null object whose property you might be accessing or method you're calling.

Based on the code you've posted it could be e, BoundData, dataGrid, proxy or anything in the method proxy.AddObject.

You should also look at the stack trace of the error - it'll give you the line number where the exception occurs.

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