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I have three textboxes and I get their value like this:

Dim X, Y, W As Double
X = DLookup("Summ", "tblPlatej", "ID= " & Form_frmPlatej!ID)
Y = DLookup("Deposit_before", "tblPlatej", "ID= " & Form_frmPlatej!ID)
W = DLookup("Monthly_payment", "tblPlatej", "ID= " & Form_frmPlatej!ID)

But when I change the value of textbox like this

Form_frmPlatej.Deposit_before = X - W + Y

I get a Type mismatch error. All textboxes are currency. How do I calculate new record and put that number in the "Deposit_before" textbox?

Summ, Deposit_before, Monthly_payment are currency data type in my table. Deposit_before is mostly negative.

Here is my whole code for button click

Private Sub Command13_Click()

a1 = DLookup("Inhabitant", "tblClient", "ID = " & Form_frmMain!ID)
B1 = DLookup("PriceTBO", "tblPrice")
c1 = DLookup("Republican", "tblClient", "ID = " & Form_frmMain!ID)
d1 = DLookup("Regional", "tblClient", "ID = " & Form_frmMain!ID)
e1 = DLookup("Local", "tblClient", "ID = " & Form_frmMain!ID)

A = DLookup("IDP", "tblPlatej", "ID= " & Form_frmPlatej!ID)
B = DLookup("Type_of_payment", "tblPlatej", "ID= " & Form_frmPlatej!ID)
C = DLookup("Year", "tblPlatej", "ID= " & Form_frmPlatej!ID)
D = DLookup("Month", "tblPlatej", "ID= " & Form_frmPlatej!ID)

Y = DLookup("Deposit_before", "tblPlatej", "ID= " & Form_frmPlatej!ID) // Problem here
W = DLookup("Monthly_payment", "tblPlatej", "ID= " & Form_frmPlatej!ID) //Problem here
X = DLookup("Summ", "tblPlatej", "ID= " & Form_frmPlatej!ID)

i = Form_frmPlatej.Month.ListIndex
j = Form_frmPlatej.Year.ListIndex
den = DLookup("Date", "tblPlatej", "IDP = " & Form_frmPlatej!IDP)

If X <> " " Then
With Me.Recordset
If Me.Recordset.BOF = False And Me.Recordset.EOF = False Then
End If

Form_frmPlatej.Deposit_before = X - W + Y  //Problem here

Form_frmPlatej.IDP = A + 1
Form_frmPlatej.Type_of_payment = B
If i = 11 Then
Form_frmPlatej.Year = Year.ItemData(j + 1)
i = -1
Form_frmPlatej.Year = Year.ItemData(j)
End If

Form_frmPlatej.Month = Month.ItemData(i + 1)
Form_frmPlatej.Date = DateAdd("m", 1, den)

If c1 <> 0 Then
Form_frmPlatej.Monthly_payment = (a1 * B1) - (c1 * (a1 * B1)) / 100

ElseIf d1 <> 0 Then
Form_frmPlatej.Monthly_payment = (a1 * B1) - (d1 * (a1 * B1)) / 100

ElseIf e1 <> 0 Then
Form_frmPlatej.Monthly_payment = (a1 * B1) - (e1 * (a1 * B1)) / 100
Form_frmPlatej.Monthly_payment = a1 * B1
End If

End With

MsgBox ("Please enter number")
End If

End Sub

I am completely confused. Please help me urgently.

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I am curious as to why you wish to convert to double from currency? Why not work with the currency type when that is what you have? See… – Fionnuala Jul 11 '12 at 10:55

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I bet your problem is the following. When you say this:

Dim X, Y, W As Double

you think you've done this:

Dim X As Double, Y As Double, W As Double

but what you've really done is this:

Dim X
Dim Y
Dim W As Double

This is a classic VBA mistake. Most VBA programmers have made it, and that's why most VBA programmers fall back on declaring only one variable per Dim statement (i.e. one per line). Otherwise it's way too easy to make that mistake, and difficult to spot it afterwards.

So with Dim X and Dim Y you've implicitly declared X and Y as Variant type (equivalent to Dim X As Variant and Dim Y As Variant).

Why does this matter? When you then say this:

X = DLookup("Summ", "tblPlatej", "ID= " & Form_frmPlatej!ID)
Y = DLookup("Deposit_before", "tblPlatej", "ID= " & Form_frmPlatej!ID)

maybe one of those two DLookup unexpectedly returns something that isn't a number, for example a string. Your variant X or Y will accept this without complaining; the Variant acquires the type of the thing on the right hand side of the assignment.

However, when you try to do math with these values, X - W + Y will throw a type mismatch error if X and/or Y is a string.

See also this earlier answer of mine, from which I reused some of the wording:

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I tried to declare explicitly Dim X As Double Dim Y As Double Dim W As Double Dim Z As Double The same error occurs... – Firdavs Kurbonov Jul 11 '12 at 7:16
On what line? When the error occurs, what are the values of X, Y and W in the debug window? – Jean-François Corbett Jul 11 '12 at 7:54
Summ, Deposit_before, Monthly_payment are currency data type in my table. Deposit_before is mostly negative. Error in this line Y = DLookup("[Deposit_before]", "tblPlatej", "[ID]= " & Form_frmPlatej!ID) – Firdavs Kurbonov Jul 11 '12 at 8:12
@FirdavsKurbonov When you encounter that error, switch to debug mode, and run this in the Immediate window: ? TypeName(DLookup("[Deposit_before]", "tblPlatej", "[ID]= " & Form_frmPlatej!ID)) If the response is Null and Y has been declared as Double, you have a type mismatch. – HansUp Jul 11 '12 at 14:23
Well, that's exactly what I guessed in my answer yesterday: "DLookup unexpectedly returns [...] a string." Perhaps you should accept this answer and ask a new question that is more specific to your new problem. – Jean-François Corbett Jul 12 '12 at 11:06

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