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This is my controller (unfinished obviously but to "do some magic" I first need to make it run):

    public function add($customer_id, $question_set_id, $order_value) {

        $customer_id = $this->params['url']['customer_id'];
        $question_set_id = $this->params['url']['question_set_id'];
        $order_value = $this->params['url']['order_value'];

        $possible_answer_model = ClassRegistry::init('PossibleAnswer');
        $question_model = ClassRegistry::init('Question');
        $order_model = ClassRegistry::init('Order');

        $order = $order_model -> find('first', array(
        'Order.question_set_id' => $question_set_id,
        'Order.value' => $order_value));

        $question = $question_model -> find('first', array(
        'Question.id' => $order['Order']['question_id']));

        $this -> set('question', $question);

        if ($question['Question']['kind'] != "o") {
            $this -> set('possible_answers', $possible_answer_model -> find('all', array(
            'PossibleAnswer.question_id' => $question['Question']['id'])));

What I get is:

Warning (2): Missing argument 1 for AnswersController::add() [APP\Controller\AnswersController.php, line 10]

Warning (2): Missing argument 2 for AnswersController::add() [APP\Controller\AnswersController.php, line 10]

Warning (2): Missing argument 3 for AnswersController::add() [APP\Controller\AnswersController.php, line 10]

My link is:


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The link needs to be


in order to map to

AnswersController::add($customer_id, $question_set_id, $order_value)

Regular query parameters have to be accessed through $this->params inside the controller, they are not passed as arguments to the action.

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Oh, I've found "my way" somewhere in the cookbook so I probably messed sth up - the link is now working but I'm getting "Undefined index" error at $customer_id = $this->params['url']['customer_id'] and the two other $this->params... –  smsware Jul 11 '12 at 6:25
It's either or. If you don't pass them as ?customer_id=1 in the URL, they're not available in $this->params. –  deceze Jul 11 '12 at 6:29
oh, now it's working - thank you! –  smsware Jul 11 '12 at 6:30
dont forget to make them = null by default to avoid warnings thrown! –  mark Jul 11 '12 at 8:23
@mark I don't want the page to run without these values so warnings are okay - I even have no index action, it's just one action, managed by my software –  smsware Jul 11 '12 at 16:14
 public function add($customer_id=null, $question_set_id=null, $order_value=null) {

Probably aren't passing the arguments you need to when it's required, you can just do the above and it won't require it.

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sorry, now I've edited my question, I showed the link by witch I'm trying to pass these arguments (which are necessary). –  smsware Jul 11 '12 at 6:19

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