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I'm following this netbeans tutorial to create a facebook app on Netbeans 7.1. http://documents.cofares.net/netbeans.org/kb/docs/websvc/facebook.html

In Step 12 When i am asked to select the REST resources "From IDE registered" gives me the sample ones such as Twitter, Amazon, Google . but NOT the "facebook",

So I tried to add facebook as a web service in Services window. When I'm adding web service Netbeans asks me a local file Or URL.

I tried to give this URL for adding facebook as web service https://graph.facebook.com but it says:
"can't determine whether service is WSDL or WADL"
What is the correct URL that I can use here?

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NetBeans IDE Facebook support does not currently include support for OAuth, Extended Permissions, or the Graph API. Work on this is in progress.

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