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My app has the feature of being launched from the browser if the user clicks on a particular type of URL. This thing works well on any android phones except the Google Nexus having ICS. With Nexus, when I click on a URL which can open my app, the app opens properly, but if i go to home screen and click on the app icon, even that opens up. So now I can see my app opened in the browser app as well as my own app, simultaneously. I saw the same behavior with other apps too. like the play store or twitter. Wondering if this is okay or can cause some issues.

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It should be considered indifferent, neither OK nor bad - however, you could always make use of the Activity available via the AndroidManifest.xml so that you only keep one instance of the given Activity available.

Parameters on the <activity /> level in the manifest:

<!-- OR -->
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yeah this could work. il check n get back here. thanks for that :) –  Rahul Dole Jul 11 '12 at 11:59

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