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I have a situation where I need to make Clob object from String. The problem is I can't have ConnectionManager in that method.

I need to some utility like

 public Clob getClob(String data){


Can any one tell me how can I make this.

I have oralce.sql.CLOB also. however it requires Connection to create object.

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Why "can't [you] have ConnectionManager"? Could you use LobCreator? – radimpe Jul 11 '12 at 6:56
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Try this :

OracleConnection conn;  // initialize this first

CLOB clob = conn.CreateClob();
public Clob getClob(String data){

  return clob.setString(position, data);
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Throws warning: clog not initialized.

you need an OracleConnection to create a clog, using the Oracle Database.

OracleConnection conn;  // initialize this first

CLOB myClob = conn.CreateClob();

private OracleConnection conn = null;
public void setConnection( OracleConnection conn )
    this.conn = conn;

void setClob( String cookie ) throws SQLException
    Clob myClob = ( CLOB ) conn.createClob();
    myClob.setString( 1, cookie);
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