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I need to write a shell script to set environment variable and modify path variable permanently. Is there in any way to modify bashrc file through script?

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You can edit the bashrc or you can call your script that sets the variables from bashrc. If you run the script as in . script_to_set_vars, the vars will last for that session only. Why would you want to modify bashrc through script? –  vpit3833 Jul 11 '12 at 6:55

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Yes, you write a script that appends to .bashrc with the >> redirection operator:

echo Your Text >> ~/.bashrc

See also I/O Redirection

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Is there in any way to modify bashrc file through script?, you don't need to do that.

Just manually set the required variable in .bashrc once that will do.

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I would prefer modifying the .bashrc file directly

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Your question is too general. You should specify what kind of changes you need to make. What some answerers don't seem to imagine is that you might need to script this in order to make changes to multiple accounts on a system, for example.

In general, you can use any technique that you would use on any other text file. One way would be to use sed.

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