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I have two array of objects for example:

a1 = [obj1, obj2 , obj3]
a2 = [obj4, obj5, obj6]

Each array has different objects of the same class. I want to check whether they have the same attribute value (obj1.att == obj4.att) in a single iteration.

a1.each will do iteration on a single array. I don't want to use for or while loop. I want a rails way to do that.

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there is no "rails way" for that, "ruby way" maybe. – tokland Jul 11 '12 at 7:55
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You can write:

a1.size == a2.size && a1.map(&:att) == a2.map(&:att)

But this creates 2 intermediate arrays. This is lazy:

a1.size == a2.size && a1.each_with_index.all? { |x, i| x.att == a2[i].att }

Another lazy implementaton using enumerable-lazy or a modern Ruby:

require 'enumerable/lazy' # not needed for Ruby >= 2.0
a1.size == a2.size && a1.lazy.zip(a2).all? { |x, y| x.att == y.att }
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Try following

a1.map(&:att) == a2.map(&:att)

Edited Remember following thing

[1,2,3] == [1,2,3]  #true


[1,2,3] == [2,3,1]  #false

Hence it will only returns true when att attribute of obj1, obj4 AND obj2, obj5 AND obj3, obj6 are same.

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a1.each {|i| a2.sel­ect {|k|  k.att == i.att }}
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nope, each works by doing side-effects, this cannot work. – tokland Jul 11 '12 at 7:51

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