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One part of my problem was solved with this answer: Threadlink , but an important part of my problem was unsolved!

After using

diff a.csv b.csv | grep -E -A1 '^[0-9]+d[0-9]+$' | grep -v '^--$' | sed -n '0~2 p' | sed -re 's,^< (.*)$,\1,g'

several times i found something left. Sometimes multible following lines are deleted. If only one line was deleted there are something like this found:


For multible lines it is:


So i changed the diff call to:

diff a.csv b.csv | grep -E -A1 '^[0-9]+\,*[0-9]*d[0-9]+$' | grep -v '^--$' | sed -n '0~2 p' | sed -re 's,^< (.*)$,\1,g'

This works for the first of multiple deleted lines.

My question is: How could i get all deletet lines (maybe 5 following lines) in such a case? What did i have to change in the diff call?

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Could you attach any diff output example and expected final result? –  rush Jul 11 '12 at 7:14
Sure...example diff result: 6715c6643 < Frau;;;Blub1;;Blob;19860314;Blub1.Blob@uni.de; --- > Frau;;;Blub2;;Blob;19860314;Blub2.Blob@uni.de; 6745d6672 < Frau;;;Blub3;;Blooob;19911002;Blub3.Blooob@uni.de; 6842d6844,6772 < Herr;Dipl.Ing;;Ping;;Pong;19860225;Ping.Pong@uni.de; < Herr;Dipl.Ing;;Ping2;;Pong;19931002;Ping2.Pong@uni.de; < Herr;Dipl.Ing;;Ping3;;Pong;19871212;Ping3.Pong@uni.de; 6851c6781 < Herr;Dr.rer.nat.;;Ying;;Yang;19460610;YING.YANG@uni.de; --- > Herr;Dr.rer.nat.;;Ying;;Yang;19460610;ying.yang@uni.de; –  MaiLo Jul 11 '12 at 8:28
what i actual get: Frau;;;Blub3;;Blooob;19911002;Blub3.Blooob@uni.de; Herr;Dipl.Ing;;Ping;;Pong;19860225;Ping.Pong@uni.de; –  MaiLo Jul 11 '12 at 8:32
what i want to get: Frau;;;Blub3;;Blooob;19911002;Blub3.Blooob@uni.de; Herr;Dipl.Ing;;Ping;;Pong;19860225;Ping.Pong@uni.de; Herr;Dipl.Ing;;Ping2;;Pong;19931002;Ping2.Pong@uni.de; Herr;Dipl.Ing;;Ping3;;Pong;19871212;Ping3.Pong@uni.de; –  MaiLo Jul 11 '12 at 8:32

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diff a.csv b.csv | sed -n '/^[0-9]\+d[0-9]*/,/^[0-9]\+[^d]*$/{/^[0-9]\+/d;s/^< //;p}'

will do that.


will find the string range which are deleted


will delete all 6842d6844,6772

s/^< //

will replace all < in the beginning of lines

and p will print the line.

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Thank you...this is the solution i was looking for! –  MaiLo Jul 11 '12 at 10:06

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