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Please help me to sort out in what is the place of ActionScript3.0 in Unity3D application (and game) development. Actually my situation is next: I know AS3.0 well, created several easy studing demos with Stage3D (Molehill) and finally came out the Unity3D. But what I found out is that it's inner script languages is C# and JS. So could you please recommend me the further path:

  1. it's possible now to use AS3.0 as well as C# and JS so relax and feel free!
  2. AS3.0 is used for integration with Flash platform, but all the inner main code you should write with one of those two, so try to learn C# as it's said quite a similar with AS3.0
  3. choose another engine with native AS3.0 support: Away3D, Alternativa,...

Maybe it seems quite clear or even stupid or incorrect formulated question, but it's like untrodden forest where I am now. Thanks for advise!

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AS3 and Javascript are both ECMAScript dialects. If you can read/write one, it should be really simple to switch to the other. For example, Mozilla's JS engine Tamarin is an AS3 implementation: – Ruan Caiman Jul 12 '12 at 16:49

Hmmm.. yeah men. Actually you are right... As Unity allows you to code in C#, JS, or some other scripting language then it make sense to adapt it to AS3 and to not do Unity -> Flash export. Is a good idea and will be great if Unity team will move in this direction, so no export, just codding.

Unfortunately at the moment unity only exports for Flash platform.. but exported code will be hard to read. If the project is not so big use something flash based.. I would recommend Alternativa engine ..

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