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I created a multiconfigure project with Android on Jenkins (with emulator plugin) using tips from:


They where helpfull, but I have problems with running succesfull my project. When I look at console I have only this:

Triggering 160,2.3.3,FWVGA
160,2.3.3,FWVGA completed with result FAILURE
Triggering 160,2.3.3,WVGA
160,2.3.3,WVGA completed with result NOT_BUILT
Triggering 160,2.2,FWVGA
160,2.2,FWVGA completed with result FAILURE

But when I have e-mail notification I recive:

ERROR: Timeout after 5 seconds Process leaked file descriptors. See
for more information
$ "E:\server\Android SDK\android-sdk/platform-tools/adb.exe" connect localhost:38454
[android] Waiting for emulator to finish booting...
$ "E:\server\Android SDK\android-sdk/platform-tools/adb.exe" -s localhost:38454 shell getprop dev.bootcomplete
$ "E:\server\Android SDK\android-sdk/platform-tools/adb.exe" -s localhost:38454 logcat -v time
$ "E:\server\Android SDK\android-sdk/platform-tools/adb.exe" connect localhost:38454
[android] Emulator is ready for use (took 26 seconds) [QVGA]
$ cmd.exe /C '"E:\server\ant\bin\ant.bat -Dos=2.2 -Ddensity=169 -Dresolution=QVGA clean emma debug install test && exit %%ERRORLEVEL%%"' 



I read the page with spawing process from build, but I don't get it :( Can anyone write "how to do it for idiots?".

Edit: I reconfigured my project when I click on first child I have:

[android] Timed-out after waiting 180 seconds for emulator ... [android] Stopping Android emulator is there a way to change lenght of timeout?

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You are looking at the parent console, you need to look at per configuration (children) consoles. One way to do it is to click on links after 'Triggering' word (e.g. 160,2.3.3,FWVGA should be a link). You'll get to the status page of that configuration. There you can choose a build and examine its console output which will (it is to be hoped) provide you with more info. – malenkiy_scot Jul 11 '12 at 8:08
I where trying to do that, but I have only 404. It's look like this: Status Code: 404 Exception: Stacktrace: (none) – Unii Jul 11 '12 at 9:12

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