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I'm developing a macro for ER Studio 9.1.1 When I use Split function it's highlighted as it's a part of language. Macros are written in SAX Basic (v6), according to SAX Basic manual Split should be supported, but this code gives me error:

Dim strArray As String
Dim data As String
data = "one, two, three"
strArray = Split(data, ", ")

The error is "Expecting an existing scalar var".

So my question is, is the Split supported and what is the scalar var?

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a possibility:

You have a function or sub already called split. To test this, see if VBA.Split( works. if it does, then you need to rename your own function, or always use vba.split

There is another fault:
As you have strArray defined as a string, it will fail on the split, as it can't put the array into a single variable. either remove the definition, so all you have is Dim strArray, or define it as an array with Dim strArray() As String

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Your suggested solution does not solve the problem. As I stated in my question, I'm not using VBA. Also I don't have other function subroutine called split. You are right about the variable definition, though. ER Studio simply doesn't support split function. – jnovacho Jul 12 '12 at 7:32
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As I found out, ER Studio macros doesn't support Split function. If you need Split functionality you have to write custom code.

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