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I just finished installing VS 2012 RC and have started working with the ASP.NET Web API. I am basing my work on some tutorials from PluralSight which I've been using as reference.

In every tutorial and article which I've used, I notice that they are using a generic version of HttpResponseMessage in the return type of Action, but to my surprise this object was not available to me while coding. I thought perhaps the issue was just an incorrect namespace reference, but that does not seem to be the case.

Can anyone point me toward some source code or reference material on how to utilize the generic HttpResponseMessage object that PluralSight uses in their videos?

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Searching for the answer i found this article and it states that the generic version has been removed
so now just mention the return type to be of type HttpresponseMessage and when actually returning the response use

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yes i was also looking through the same thing.. the generic version of the HttpResponseMessage was remove recently.. because it was not type safe

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Thanks for getting back with you finding, it helped me a lot.

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