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My first thought was regarding SpinLock or Concurrent Collections Lock Will work here as I tested, but it's more expensive !

The Process here is based on Parallel Programming. And the task is running more than one in parallel.

During the SpinLock Version I encounter an error some times randomly saying similar to "Index out of range".

The SpinLock version which I wrote can't do the job I wanted, Could any change be made on it to make it work ? or Isn't it built for exactly related to this case ?

Any Info ?

Does it have any better alternative ?

This is what I did :

     lock (lckRelatz)

And here is the SpinLock version - This is inside a method which is running in parallel :

        SpinLock spinLk = new SpinLock();
        bool gotLock = false;
            spinLk.Enter(ref gotLock);
            if (gotLock)
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It seems like you are creating new SpinLock for each thread. That will not actually lock anything. You need to have one SpinLock and use that from all of your threads.

But using a concurrent collection is even better solution. They are highly optimized and using them means you don't have to worry about all the locking yourself.

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Nice answer, seems you got the key, Which collection will work here ? BlockingCollection ? About the creation of the Lock I think, did it in several different ways in edits of my code and I think did add like what you said earlier but changed by time and didn't know the exact problem. –  Sypress Jul 11 '12 at 8:07
That depends on what exactly do you want, but BlockingCollection or ConcurrentQueue are the most useful. If you don't need blocking, ConcurrentQueue should be enough. –  svick Jul 11 '12 at 9:13
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