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I am writing an WP7 app that use camera to capture and process images. One of the critical requirement for the images is to always be focused. Unfortunately, the WP7 doesn't support autofocus. And by autofocus I mean the capability to always focus to a certain point on the screen.

Can anyone recommend a way to have enable or implement that feature?

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You could try using a DispatcherTimer that will keep calling FocusAtPoint on ticks, using a point in the viewfinder?


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That was the first thing I tried, but it doesn't work well because at the selected points in time the camera would focus even if it is already focused. And with the Lumia phone I have the focus action takes 1 second, during which it would zoom in and zoom out before finding the right focus. Hence the user experience is really bad. –  hnviet Jul 12 '12 at 5:08

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