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I've a Repeater and I need paging, so I'm using PagedDatasource.


string tag = Request.QueryString["category"];

and tag variable is NOT empty then PagedDataSource fails paging with the following error:

Exception Details: System.Web.HttpException: Cannot compute Count for a data source that does not implement ICollection.

at this line:

lblCurrentPage.Text = "Page: " + (CurrentPage + 1).ToString() + " of " + pagedDS.PageCount.ToString();

NOTE: When tag variable IS empty then paging works fine.

Full code below:

string tag = Request.QueryString["category"];
var ba = new DataBase.BlogAdapter();

PagedDataSource pagedDS = new PagedDataSource();
pagedDS.AllowPaging = true;
pagedDS.PageSize = 3;

if (String.IsNullOrEmpty(tag))
    pagedDS.DataSource = ba.GetArticles(null, null);
    var t = new DataBase.Tag() { TagName = tag };
    var tec = new DataBase.TagEqualityComparer();
    pagedDS.DataSource = ba.GetArticles(null, null).Where(a => a.Tags.Contains(t, tec));
    CurrentPage = 0;

pagedDS.CurrentPageIndex = CurrentPage;

lblCurrentPage.Text = "Page: " + (CurrentPage + 1).ToString() + " of " + pagedDS.PageCount.ToString(); 
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You probably need to materialise the filter as a collection, e.g.

ba.GetArticles(null, null).Where(a => a.Tags.Contains(t, tec)).ToList();

IQueryable<> only implements IEnumerable, whereas IList<> implements ICollection.

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thanks. it works now. I still don't know why did it work without filtering and failed when it was filtered – levi Jul 11 '12 at 8:28
@levanlevi - without filtering, the return of your ba.GetArticles() is presumably a concrete collection. However, as soon as you apply a Where, the return type is an IQueryable which has not yet been 'executed' (i.e. no ICollection properties like Count). PagedDataSource would have to iterate through the IEnumerable in order to count it, which it doesn't want to do FWR. – StuartLC Jul 11 '12 at 8:34

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