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I am uploading a 24mb sql file and have been following the instructions to setup an upload dir for phpmyadmin using $cfg['UploadDir']. Unfortunately it is not working.

I have created a folder inside my phpMyAdmin folder called 'upload'.

In my I have put the following:

$cfg['UploadDir'] = 'upload';

This config was wizard created by PMA.

I have also tried:

$cfg['UploadDir'] = './upload';
$cfg['UploadDir'] = '/absolute_php_my_admin_address/upload';

I've also tried all those variations with a trailing '/' on the end.

I've found many threads on the web with the exact problem. My upload folder has the same permissions and ownership as the parent PMA directory. I am also not running in Safe mode.

Have you run into this issue and solved it? Running PMA 3.5.2 on Redhat 5.

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First, check the upload_max_filesize in php.ini. By default it is 2M, that means, if you upload a file > 2M, it will fail. (Try to compress the SQL file and upload again.) You can change the upload_max_filesize to a bigger value (< 20M) in php.ini and restart your web server.

And, make sure the UploadDir is writable. In Linux, you can run this command to make a folder writable: chmod a+w upload

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Thanks for that - I have already changed the upload_max_filesize to 80m and other relevant settings such as max execution time etc. The folder is writable also. Thanks anyways. – willdanceforfun Jul 11 '12 at 8:48

I know this is old but the google search for that problem points here. So here is the answer:

Debian and Ubuntu limits the access for folders. You must use the phpmyadmin folder for that.

In Ubuntu it is "/etc/phpmyadmin/" (without the quotes).

So the config would be:

$cfg['UploadDir'] = '/etc/phpmyadmin/';
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That worked.. thanks :) – Deadlock Jan 14 '13 at 8:44
@willdanceforfun - any chance this could become the accepted answer? It's worked for Diego and for me... and it's the first hit on Google for this problem. :-) – Steve Almond Aug 14 '14 at 18:51

You can put backup files in any location, just adjust "php_admin_value open_basedir" directive in apache.conf file, it should be in the same directory as (in Ubuntu at least) or somewhere in apache config dir

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Quite an old question but been working on this since morning and none of the solutions worked. But finally and like always t was a really simple solution for me on centOS. Please make sure that your folder name is correct. e.g: "/etc/phpmyadmin/" did not work

but "etc/phpMyAdmin/" worked fine

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Also, remember to check if your file already contains these lines:

 * Directories for saving/loading files from server
$cfg['UploadDir'] = '';
$cfg['SaveDir'] = '';

If so, remove them.

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