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I am wondering what is faster? A single TextView with set Spannable.Factory (which applies two styles to text) or two simple TextViews with plain text? As this is inside of a list item (so re-rendered on scroll) it may be not so unsignificant as it may seem.

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Thanks guys for both comments, I mark them both +1, but they're ...exclusive ;), Thanks for your intuitive guesses. Nontheless, more answers especially with some explanation are still welcome. –  Tomasz Gawel Jul 11 '12 at 8:46
In the case at this website it seems two textviews would be faster: pushing-pixels.org/2013/09/17/… –  Frank Jan 27 at 9:29

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Citing Zsolt Vasvari via Google Groups:

"My guess, all else being equal, is that a View is a much "heavier" object than a Spannable. But which one is better is impossible to say because it requires to know what you want for and how you want to use the text lines for. "

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Mind you, this is only a guess. My feeling is that the expense you want to avoid is object creation, and that two simple Views are better than one Spannable, provided the Views are recycled.

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