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I am calling MVC action something like below:

var RestaurantDetailsUIforForeignWidget = {
    frmId: '',
    onFormSubmit: function () {
        var frm = $(RestaurantDetailsUIforForeignWidget.frmId);
        var divResult;
        $.post(frm.attr('action'), frm.serialize(), function (html) {
            // $('#section-time-slots').html(html)
        return false;
    updateTimeDesc: function () {
        $('#time').val($('#SittingTime option:selected').html());
    init: function (frmId) {
        RestaurantDetailsUIforForeignWidget.frmId = frmId;
        $('#SittingTime').bind('change', RestaurantDetailsUIforForeignWidget.updateTimeDesc);
        $(frmId).bind('submit', RestaurantDetailsUIforForeignWidget.onFormSubmit);

As you can see $('#contentAll').html(html); updates whole view content with the result. What I want is to get a single div from html output and update the $('#section-time-slots') instead.

Please help me guys... thanks :)

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Does the server have to return the full view, cant it return only the section that you want so that you can update your $('#section-time-slots') –  Manatok Jul 11 '12 at 8:55

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Try this:

    $.post(frm.attr('action'), frm.serialize(), function (html) {
        $('#section-time-slots').html($("#IdOfRequiredElementInResponse", html).html());
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Thanks a lot! Your solution actually worked supurb! :) –  kaustubh shukla Jul 11 '12 at 17:00

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