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I'm trying to use playbackRate attribute of the element in chrome. I've created simple markup:

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <audio id="myAudio" preload="metadata" defaultPlaybackRate="1.0" playbackRate="2.0" src="http://path_to_mp3_stream/" autoplay="true"></audio>

But playback stays at its normal rate. What am I doing wrong?

Google Chrome v20.0.1132.47.

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Modifying markup in a following way made it work:

<audio id="myplayer" preload="auto" controls="controls">
     <source src="http://path_to_mp3"></source> 
     var player = document.getElementById("myplayer");
     player.playbackRate = 2;

UPD: Looks like there's related issue .

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I don't believe you can set the <audio>'s playbackRate until its canPlay event fires, which (along with the browser cache) is likely why your accepted answer worked for you.

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