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I am working on the about-dialog of my Eclipse RCP Applicaiton.

The features, which I am using (native platform features and my own) only show up, when I do an export from Eclipse.

When I run my product in the IDE - the about dialog stays empty. The feature icons do not show up.

Question: Where is the problem?

About dialog, when the product was exported:

enter image description here

About dialog, when the product is started inside of the IDE:

enter image description here

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Although unexpected, I think that's normal. I see the same behavior in my RCP application.

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I found out, that when including the Feature "org.eclipse.rcp" into my dependencies - makes it apear, when the application is started from the IDE, so it is possible somehow. –  Skip Jul 12 '12 at 7:19

Go to Window>Preferences. Under Plug-In Development>Target Platform, set up your target platform to match the product you are exporting. You can use org.eclipse.rcp as a base and go from there, adding features from either Eclipse itself, or from a p2 repo.

The default is to load the IDE itself as part of the runtime configuration.

That said, I am not sure the Features dialog actually works when running from within the IDE. I remember from a while back that there was a limitation here, but unfortunately I can no longer find a reference to this.

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What do you mean by "set up your target platform to match the product". Do you want me to use the product as a target? –  Skip Jul 16 '12 at 13:50
adding my feature's folder to the target does not work. The feature's path is not resolved correctly. –  Skip Jul 19 '12 at 8:24

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