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Theoretically, in general:

  • Data access layer holds database connections and queries.
  • Business layer holds the model and the logics.
  • Service layer holds the main services the application services.
  • Presentation layer holds the website.

    1. Am I right? did I miss something?
    2. What is the infrastructure layer?
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Yes, I'd say you've described the layers correctly.

In my mind infrastructure can represent two things:

  1. Cross cutting concerns - things like logging/auditing, authentication/security etc. I prefer to use Aspect oriented programming to deal with these types of things.
  2. Third party systems/components/libraries that your application makes use of, such as a credit card payment gateway for example. Even the database platform you have chosen could be considered infrastructure.
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So if I would have a project like structuremap (IoC container) for example, does it considered as infrastructure? –  Naor Jul 11 '12 at 9:48
@Naor: Yeah, I'd say so. Its an infrastructure/implementation component that is nothing to do with the application logic. –  David Masters Jul 11 '12 at 9:52

The infrastructure layer tends to turn up in DDD and MVVM type projects. There's a simple diagram and quick explanation of the layers in DDD here.

It's based on a Java implementation, but the descriptions still hold up apart from the odd bit of Java terminology.

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