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Ive been making a site that interacts with a Java Servlet to get data. And its been going really well. Im running tomcat to run the site.

So at the moment im getting data like this:

$.get('data',{some parameters}, function(data) { do stuff... });

Ive also changed the 'data' to 'MYIP:8080/WebPortal/data' and it still works fine.

But anything seems to only work if I go to 'MYIP:8080/WebPortal/index.html' in my browser rather than just opening the index.html file on its own. This wasn't really an issue until I started thinking using a Phonegap App to get data in the same way.

I assumed making the url of the servlet absolute would make it aok but phonegap behaves just like opening the .html file straight up, which is what its supposed to do.

Ive heard about crossdomain policies and Phonegap's white list but I dont really understand them fully yet and dont know if they are relevant here.

So if anyone knows why my jquery commands only work through a server would be appreciated


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Are you sure you have a globally visble ip? First try changing that MYIP to localhost:8080 and then check if just opening "index.html" works.

If it happens than it means that your IP is not globally visible... and that's causing the problems.

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Yeah I was about to type I tried 'localhost:8080/WebPortal/index.html' as well and it is still the same result, typing in the whole url works but opening the file doesnt. I also have my port 8080 forwarded and using myexternalip:8080/etc works. – xtxylophone Jul 11 '12 at 9:53

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