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I am new to ant and before sending mail to this list I explored the issue on google but didn't get any satisfactory results.

In one of my project, I require to run the below sql task in a different jvm or a different process.

<sql driver="oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver"
      userid="sys as sysdba" password="passwordNew"
      print="yes" classpathref="myclasspath" src="./QueryFile.sql"></sql>

Actually in my build.xml file, I call a junit test using junit task and in that task I use fork=yes so that it runs in a different jvm.

But before running the junit task I need to run the sql task, but somehow it happens that both sql task and junit tasks are running in same jvm which I don't want.

Could you please help me in making sure that the sql task which I run should run in a separate jvm / process ? Can we specify fork=yes or some other attribute to do this?

Thanks & Regards, Vineet

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The sql task doesn't support a fork attribute. Don't understand what the problem is.... ANT tasks execution is sequential unless you use the special "parallel" task. –  Mark O'Connor Jul 11 '12 at 19:31
Sql task doesn't support "fork" while jUnit task does, so just fork jUnit task -- Sql task will run in the same jvm with ant's launcher, and jUnit task will run in another jvm... –  coolcfan Jul 12 '12 at 6:18
Thanks for the comments! But I dont want the sql task to run in the same jvm with ant's launcher. Also, there are some project related reasons due to which I can't use <exec> task of ant to invoke sql client like sqlplus and then run the query. –  Vineet Jul 15 '12 at 5:24

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