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Is there a quick way to add a gettext() call to a literal string in the PyDev editor running under Eclipse? I.e. when I place the cursor on any literal 'string' in a Python file, I want to turn this into _('string') with a single keypress. Can I use macros or something like that to add such functions?

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It should be possible to do that with some simple Python scripting inside PyDev.

Take a look at: http://pydev.org/manual_articles_scripting.html (you can use https://github.com/aptana/Pydev/blob/master/plugins/org.python.pydev.jython/jysrc/pyedit_import_to_string.py as an example).

For the text selection, the PySelection implementation may be found at: https://github.com/aptana/Pydev/blob/master/plugins/org.python.pydev.core/src/org/python/pydev/core/docutils/PySelection.java (so, you can see how getSelectedText and work your own version to get the text you want).

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Thanks, I'll experiment a bit with PyDev scripting then. The tutorial you referenced recommends creating a Jython project for that purpose. Does it mean I need to install Jython first? I haven't used Jython and PyDev scripting before. – Cito Jul 16 '12 at 20:00
You don't really need to install Jython (the scripting will always use the internal jython, so, you don't really need to have Jython -- you can just use a regular Python project). – Fabio Zadrozny Jul 16 '12 at 20:14
Ok, understood. I'll try to work through the example you mentinoed. It's pretty complicated actually, so I'll postpone it to later this week and will see how far I can get. As far as I understand, there are actually three scripts involved in this example: assign_params_to_attributes_action, assign_params_to_attributes_assist and pyedit_assign_params_to_attributes, the latter binds the action to both Ctrl+1 ("additional assist") and Ctrl+2 ("offline action"). By setting WAIT_FOR_ENTER to False I would be able to trigger the action with the key combination "Ctrl+2 g" for example. – Cito Jul 16 '12 at 21:45
I'm sorry about that (seems I had copied the wrong link, that one was really complicated, not the one I wanted to copy), so, just edited to give you the link I meant to give before (which should be simple). – Fabio Zadrozny Jul 17 '12 at 11:56
Ok, thanks, I think I understand PyDev scripting now and was able to create a solution with these pointers (I have posted my script as an additional answer). – Cito Jul 18 '12 at 15:22

Here is a little PyDev script that I was able to create with the hints given by Fabio. If you press Ctrl+2,t then the literal string at the cursor position will be surrounded with a gettext call. I'm not sure whether I'm using the Java API as expected, but it works for me. If you have ideas for improvement, please comment.

if cmd == 'onCreateActions':
    from org.eclipse.jface.action import Action
    from org.python.pydev.core import IPythonPartitions
    from org.python.pydev.core.docutils import ParsingUtils, PySelection

    class AddGettext(Action):
        """Add gettext call around literal string at cursor position."""

        GETTEXT = '_'

        def run(self):
            sel = PySelection(editor)
            doc = sel.getDoc()
            pos = sel.getAbsoluteCursorOffset()
            ctype = ParsingUtils.getContentType(doc, pos)
            if ctype == IPythonPartitions.PY_SINGLELINE_STRING1:
                char, multi = "'", False
            elif ctype == IPythonPartitions.PY_SINGLELINE_STRING2:
                char, multi = '"', False
            elif ctype == IPythonPartitions.PY_MULTILINE_STRING1:
                char, multi = "'", True
            elif ctype == IPythonPartitions.PY_MULTILINE_STRING2:
                char, multi = '"', True
                char = None
            if char:
                par = ParsingUtils.create(doc)
                if multi:
                    start = par.findPreviousMulti(pos, char)
                    end = par.findNextMulti(pos, char)
                    start = par.findPreviousSingle(pos, char)
                    end = par.findNextSingle(pos, char)
                doc.replace(end + 1, 0, ')')
                doc.replace(start, 0, self.GETTEXT + '(')

    WAIT_FOR_ENTER = False

        ACTIVATION_STRING, AddGettext(), 'Add gettext call', WAIT_FOR_ENTER)
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Here is another solution using Vrapper:

  :map gt ca'_(<esc>pa)<esc>

Note that this only works with single-quoted strings, it does not recognize when you use double quotes or multi-line strings.

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