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We are experiencing trouble with inserting our data into BigQuery. We are located in The Netherlands.

The command:
adm@la478 ads_csv $ time bq load --debug_mode --skip_leading_rows 1 --max_bad_records 100 --project_id 197553342340 ad_monitoring.ad ad_bd9a6230-2d34-4cf1-8553-04d9c2f8c52b.csv.gz
BigQuery error in load operation: Backend Error

The metrics:
real 4m35.997s
user 0m0.963s
sys 0m0.169s

The filesize:
-rw-rw-rw- 1 adm admin 39M Jul 10 17:02 ad_bd9a6230-2d34-4cf1-8553-04d9c2f8c52b.csv.gz
200MB uncompressed

Can you please advice use what to do?

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I'm investigating the issue on our backend, but you may have better luck (especially from europe) if you stage the import through google storage. If you run gsutil cp ad_monitoring.ad ad_bd9a6230-2d34-4cf1-8553-04d9c2f8c52b.csv.gz gs://your_bucket/ad_monitoring.ad ad_bd9a6230-2d34-4cf1-8553-04d9c2f8c52b.csv.gz, you can then change the bq command line to:

bq load --debug_mode --skip_leading_rows 1 --max_bad_records 100 --project_id 197553342340 ad_monitoring.ad gs://your_bucket/ad_bd9a6230-2d34-4cf1-8553-04d9c2f8c52b.csv.gz

I'm looking for your jobs in our logs, and it looks like there have been a bunch of recent load jobs that failed with 'TOO_MANY_ERRORS'. If you use bq ls -j and bq show -j <job_id> you can get more information about these.

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