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I have a table hotel [hotelid,hotelname,etc]

and another table facilities[facilityid,facilityname]

these 2 tables are linked through table hotel_to_facilities_map[hotelid,facility_id]

so the table hotel_to_facilities_map might contain values as

hotelid facility_id
1         3
1         5
1         6
2         6
2         2
2         5

now i want to retrieve all the hotels which match ALL facilities asked for

select * from hotel_to_facilities_map where facility_id IN (3,5,2)

but this will cause the match as an OR Expression while i need AND.

is there any workaround or solution for this?

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select hotelid
from hotel_to_facilities_map
where facility_id in (3,5,2)
group by hotelid
having count(*) = 3
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It worked for me... But i have many columns in select so will have to apply all on group by so will this affect the query count(*) and also i will use these in dynamic search which is a little more big query so will performance be an issue with this?? – RohitWagh Jul 11 '12 at 10:54
Use this query as a derived table or put it in a CTE and join on hotelid to get the other values you need for a hotel. – Mikael Eriksson Jul 11 '12 at 10:58

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