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I have html document with button 'Add new' and hidden div (style='display: none;') with additional fields. When user click on button 'Add new' div become visible:

$(document).ready(function () {
    $('#add_new').click(function () {


<div id="add_new_panel" style="display: none;">
    <input type="file" id="selected_file" name="testFile" />

The problem is when I choose file in input field jQuery change event on this field never fires. If I remove style='display: none;' from add_new_panel div it works correctly. But I need hide this div until user doesnt click on button. How can I do this? Maybe I can bind change event handler with another code?

P.S. On the other page this works perfectly with 'display: none;'.

Sorry for my bad english. Thanks.

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The problem was in name of input file field. I remove name attribute and now it works. 2 hours was spent for nothing. Excuse me :).

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