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I'm building an IT support ticketing portal for a multi-site company. I cant get my head around JOIN, INNER JOIN, ON , etc.

I have 3 tables:

  • Firstly Support_Ticket containing Site_ID, which I already have from a previous query.

So I have the Site_ID, and need to get the name (string) of the engineer that is responsible for support on that site. Lets say Hull is Site_ID:1.

The other 2 tables :

  • Site_Details: containing (among others) Site_ID and Site_Default_Engineer_ID.
  • Engineers: containing (among others) [Engineer_ID] and Engineer_Display_Name.

What I want to achieve is (pseudo-code!):

return [Engineers].[Engineer_Display_Name]  
    [Engineers].[Engineer_ID] = [Site_Details].[Site_Default_Engineer_ID]
    (but first) return [Site_Details].[Site_Default_Engineer_ID] where
    [Site_Details].[Site_ID] = [Support_Ticket].[Site_ID]

if that makes sense?!

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what have you tried so far? It would be useful to see something you've tried even if it failed. – Jon Taylor Jul 11 '12 at 11:00
I'm currently running 2 separate queries (on a 'that'll work till i refine it' basis) sql = "SELECT [Site_Default_Engineer_ID] from [Site_Details] WHERE [Site_ID] = " + siteNo.ToString() (some code) engineerID = dbread2.GetValue(0).ToString() (some code) sql = "SELECT [Engineer_Display_Name] from [Engineers] WHERE [Engineer_ID] = " + engineerID (some code) engineerName = dbread1.GetValue(0).ToString() (some code) – Digital Lightcraft Jul 11 '12 at 11:23
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This query should work:

SELECT support_ticket.something, engineers.engineer_display_name
FROM support_ticket
JOIN site_details ON ( site_details.site_id = support_ticket.site_id )
JOIN engineers ON ( engineers.engineer_id = site_details.site_default_engineer_id )

It will present all tickets and their default engineer. Add a WHERE-clause to filter the ticket(s) you want to display.

BTW: There is no difference between JOIN and INNER JOIN.

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