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i am having a problem with EntityQuery from Seam 2.2.2.Final, I can´t use the "new" operator in EJBQL,

"Select new com.ej.Prest(prest.id, prest.name) from Prest prest"

anyone has resolved this?

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If com.ej.Prest is a JPA entity, you don't need to use new, just query it:

select p from Prest p

or even:

from Prest

If it is not a JPA entity, then you cannot use it in the from clause, you need to use only JPA entities there. You can for example do (in this example, MyEntity is a JPA entity with name and surname properties used in the constructor for Prest:

select new com.ej.Prest(me.name, me.surname) from MyEntity me

Also, you need to define the constructor with the right arguments, in this case in com.ej.Prest:

public Prest(String name, String surname) {
  // constructor code here
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You don't need to do that, just override getCountEjbql() and return the query you want (select count(*) from Prest prest in your case). –  EmirCalabuch Jul 24 '12 at 16:55

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