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some_list = ['Name','Surname','R500']

some_list = ['Name','Surname','500']

how would if get the index of the item in the list that contains a number, in both cases I should get back index = 2

I was looking at something like:

some_list.index(r'%r' % '\d+')
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You'll need to loop over the elements:

for i, x in enumerate(my_list):
    if re.search(r"\d", x):
        print i
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Thanks, this works nicely. –  Harry Jul 11 '12 at 11:23

If you're looking just for the first item containing a digit, this works without regular expressions and returns -1 (can be changed to whatever you want) if there is no element with digits:

next((i for i,n in enumerate(some_list) if any(c.isdigit() for c in n)), -1)
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