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I am having problem in using multilevel inheritance as follows.

I have a top level controller that extends CI_Controller class

class Application extends CI_Controller

A controller named 'Site' and 'Admin' extends the Application controller as

class Site extends Application

class Admin extends Application

And finally class 'User' and 'Guest' extends 'Site' controller

class User extends Site

Class Guest extends Site

The problem is, in User and Guest controller I am not able to load core libraries such as pagination, form_validation etc. using


But it works when I load the library in Site controller or Application contoller ie. controller that extends the core CI_Controller and it's child controller. When I try to load in grand child it doesn't work.

Can somebody clarify why this is happening? Thanks...

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Checkout CodeIgniter Base Controllers, explanation included.

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I've not seen a multi-level constructor class set up before, but it should work.

Are you calling parent::__construct() in the constructor of each class?

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Yes, I am calling that. Only problem is that I am not able to load library from grand child. – kalpesh patel Jul 11 '12 at 12:04
//-Create MY_Controller.php on application/core/MY_Controller.php
//contents of MY_Controller.php
class Application extends CI_Controller{
    function __construct(){
      // Call the CI_Controller constructor
//that is all now you can inherit class (Application) anywhere in your project
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