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We have setup nginx server and also trying to do the load balancing with 2 other servers.

The setup is: One main server (proxy server) and other two servers (which serves the request)

We have set of .css, .js and .php files. We want the main server to serve all the static files like, .css, .js and image files and only for the .php request we want forward the request to between the 2 serving servers in a load balanced way.

Plz guide me on how to do this.

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upstream backends {

server {

    location / {
        # your static configuration
        root /path/to/static/files;

    location ~ \.php$ {
        # your proxy configuration
        proxy_pass http://backends;


Documentation is a good start point.

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Thank you so much! – manoj janardhan Jul 15 '12 at 5:54

You can try specifics in the

location /abcd/admin {


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