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I want to add some settings to the Django admin interface. In particular I want to have fields set up to allow the administrator to enter POP3 mail settings.


[ ] Enable mail checking (checkbox)

[______] Mail server

[______] User name

[______] Password


These fields will always exist and are not dependent on anything a front end user would enter.

Documentation seems to only talk about ModelAdmin, which I don't think is what I want.

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This sounds like something would go in settings and you want to edit this from the admin. dbsettings is a django project that allows you to do this.

Since is just plain Python code, you can create your own custom settings and manipulate them from the admin. There are some guidelines if you do want to create custom settings.

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Thanks, I've gone with django-livesettings for now, but I'll have a read through dbsettings to see what it offers. – powlo Jul 11 '12 at 12:15

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