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Google App Engine supports PyCrypto, but does not support OpenSSL.

I want to use the oauth2client SignedJwtAssertionCredentials, which internally calls OpenSSL . Is there is a way to get oauth2client to work with PyCrypto.

I am assuming that it might be possible to create a local version of SignedJwtAssertionCredential equivalent by using PyCrypto instead ?

Also is there a way I can make a request to Google App Engine to provide a version that support the functionality for certificate/Assertions for server-to-server Oauth2.0 dance ?

Any pointers/help would be much appreciated.


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Were you able to fix this problem? Please share the solution. I am having a similar issue stackoverflow.com/q/25571504/1443563 –  gsinha Aug 30 '14 at 4:45

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Found this link and this avoids any special handling to avoid ssl/etc.. This link has Google Data support for App Engine use.

I have not tried it yet - but once I use it, I will share feedback, if worthwhile for others.

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link is dead :( –  mattes Feb 15 '14 at 1:54

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