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I got a strange problem with service. It works correctly and flawlessly on ICS emulator. But when I launch it on Galaxy Nexus with ICS 4.0.4 I observe strange crashing of the service without any stacktraces. Below is all what I got:

07-11 16:26:37.758: INFO/ActivityManager(136): Process com.test.service (pid 3899) has died.
07-11 16:26:37.758: WARN/ActivityManager(136): Scheduling restart of crashed service com.test.service/.MyService in 20000ms

I have googled but found no idea. May be it is somehow connected with memory pressure? What am I expected to do?


P.S. If it makes any sense I launch a background thread from onStartCommand() and this thread works infinitely.

P.P.S. I tried to launch service in separate process with no luck.

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My understanding is that, the System occasionally removes/kills processes that it deems unnecessary at the time. If, however, onStartCommand returns START_STICKY, it will be restarted as soon as it's killed... I fail to see the point of killing such processes, though I guess it can help in under extreme situations. The Emulator behaviour might vary.

Assuming that your service doesn't actually crash (there should be some kind of stack trace in the logcat), to prevent the system from killing the service so easily, it must be started as a foreground service.

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startForeground seems to look helpful. I will give it a try, thank you. –  Vladimir Ivanov Jul 12 '12 at 6:36

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